Complete POS system for the Retail Store Front
  Inter-Linked with Main Inventory  and Patient database files
  Easily Allows for Taxable or Non-Taxable Items
  Allows for instant receipt printing and "On the Fly" 1500 printing for your Medicare Patients that require Self submitting forms
  Forced balancing for daily transactions: Safe-guard cash of each register by accountability of use
  Daily Cash Reports: Management tool for monitoring activity for staffing requirements and efficiency
  Supports Bar Code scanning:  Increases personnel efficiency & Customer satisfaction for ease of check out. Many Bar Code Fonts Available or Use the Packaging Bar Code
  Utility and Fonts for printing inventory labels and barcodes:  Increases personnel efficiency
  Instant recall for reoccurring patient purchases: Increases personnel efficiency
  Return and Exchange functionality
  Special Remarking or Instructions on Receipts for Patients
  Export routines for special analysis needs: Both Manual and Automatic Settings
  Easy Company setup

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