In a rather complex world, Datalogic takes a decidedly simplistic view of business. We provide a quality product and a level of service that is never compromised. We operate from a business and a customer prospective. So that there is a balance between everyone's needs.


More over..... Our software is designed by DME owners and users. Ours is not designed by programmers in a vacuum with no conception of how it is to be used or sold by individuals that know nothing of the industry or it's complexities.

Here is just some of what you can expect....

  1. We are available for support whenever you need it. If it is Wednesday @ 8pm or Saturday morning, we are accessible. No voice mail, no complex menus, just live help every time.
  2. We don’t use salesman. Salesman provide for an extra 50%+ to the purchase price. Additionally, salesman often inflate the attributes of the system leading to dissatisfaction later, AFTER, you have invested in the software.
  3. Our promise: If the software will do what you require… we will tell you. If the software will not do what you require… we will tell you up front. Let our References speak for themselves.
  4. We do not set pricing based on the industry standard. Our pricing is based lower than some of the larger companies, based largely on the idea that profit levels are not the only consideration.
  5. Our software products have more functionality and features than even the more expensive packages only because we have taken greed out of the equation.
  6. We DO NOT charge for most conversions. Here is why….. Most companies have converted data before; therefore the programs are written, OR, generally speaking conversion programming is quite easy and companies use this as a way to extract more money from you that is pure profit.
  7. We have been here since 1979 and were one of the first in the nation to complete the HIPAA transition with the DMERC's ... we will be here far into the future to meet your changing needs.
  8. We provide your home state Medicaid Direct @ no extra cost.
  9. We provide "incentive free" Clearing House Services. No vendor incentive = lowest possible pricing.
  10. A specially designed set of reports available to enhance your ability to collect outstanding balances by quickly identifying areas of needed concentration.
  11. Finally, Unlimited Training, we take you step by step through the software, teaching stage by stage. We stay with you all the way though the transmission stages of ALL of you billings till you are comfortable with the process. We will not just throw a manual at you and leave.
  12. No preprinted forms (except 1500's) No delivery, CMN, Custom Handout, Invoices, other individual specific information.
  13. All Your Customer Related Forms Incorporated as needed for patient education.
  14. You Can Not Run An Effective Business From a Website


Your individual questions and motivating factors for a new software product are going to be unique. That is why, we are willing to make Changes That Provide For Your Specific Needs (Now, Not after months of meetings) and generally we do this at no charge to you. If there is additional cost involved, we will discuss that upfront before your decisions are made. Sometimes, "you get what you pay for" just isn't true.


This is who we are….. The choice is yours.